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It was a beautiful day for Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance (ULTA), which surged to the top of the S&P 500 today thanks to its stellar earnings guidance.

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Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance jumped 11% to $266.14 today, even as the S&P 500 declined 0.3% to 2,132.55.

Ulta raised its third-quarter earnings forecast to $1.35 to $1.38, from $1.25....More>>>

Tesla Has $2.2 Billion Coming Due For Property And Equipment


I have previously written some articles where I have tracked Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) construction and purchases of property, plant, and equipment (P,P & E), as well as Tesla’s payments for them. The reason Tesla does not have to pay for all its equipment up front was explained in the year end 2016 earnings letter. It stated, “… we continue to negotiate....More>>>

Should we allow mandatory retirement?

This article is reprinted by permission from It is adapted fromAging Thoughtfully: Conversations About Retirement, Romance, Wrinkles, and Regret by Martha C. Nussbaum and Saul Levmore. Copyright 漏2017byMartha C. Nussbaum and Saul Levmoreand published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved.)

It is unlikely that I will be as good at my job at 75 as I was at 55, and....More>>>

Top Stocks To Watch For 2018

Next-generation tech like self-driving cars and augmented reality will need huge amounts of computing power.

AT&T (T, Tech30) on Tuesday detailed its plan to use “edge computing” and 5G to move data processing to the cloud, in order to better support these new technologies.

“[Edge computing] is like having a wireless supercomputer follow you wherever you....More>>>

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A majority of the attention of investors concerning U.S. oil resource and reserves has rightly been in the shale play in the lower 48, but Alaska has been enjoying a lot of new oil discoveries, and there will be plenty more to come in the years ahead.

Just over the last year a minimum of “5 billion barrels of recoverable oil” has been discovered....More>>>

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A tech pioneer is working with the marijuana industry for its latest marketing effort. That’s just one sign of pot’s mainstream acceptance, which could help propel the industry to 200% growth by 2020…

According to an Aug. 26, 2017, Rolling Stone report, Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) created a line of cannabis tied to the streaming service’s exclusive TV series.


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Best Biotech ETF: The biotech sector has been greatly outperforming the broader markets over the past three months. In fact, the Nasdaq Biotechnology sector has climbed more than 14% since June, while the Dow is up just 2% in that time.

And we see those biotech gains continuing from here. That’s why we’re bringing readers the best biotech ETF to buy now.

Right now,....More>>>

A Major Ominous Sign for Stocks

Rejoice, my friend – almost everyone who wants a job has one today!   This is good news, right?   Not for stock investors. It's actually terrible news for stocks… if you believe history repeats.   Let me explain…   The unemployment rate just hit a 17-year low of 4.1%. With the exception of the year 2000, that's actually the lowest unemployment rate....More>>>

Top 5 Blue Chip Stocks To Own Right Now

Wall Street on Monday didn’t just cash in on one winner, or a daily double, or even a trifecta. It notched astock market-style superfecta, with all four major U.S. stock indexes — representing blue chip names, technology stocks, small caps and large-company stocks — all closing at record highs on the same day for the first time in 17years.

The post-election rallybegan two....More>>>

How Older Adults Can Improve Sleep Without Drugs

Non-medication-based sleep habits are the first choice for improving sleep in older people.

The statement comes from Dr. Preeti Malani, MD, director of the National Poll on Healthy Aging Team, chief health officer and professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Michigan.

The university this month released its findings from the National Poll on....More>>>